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Gold Bullion Rising Sun Badge purchased by a friend from the Canberra War Museum together with silver guards in August 2006

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Picture panel showing records of my father's and my army history.

Items donated by American friends, Richard Woodward and Tom Devine, Tom's 'Valour'  award and 'Purple Heart' are on display .
Also my friend who guards it all for me.
Click here for details.

Showcases with badges and medals from all over.

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Plates presented to me:- Left, given to us in Fromelles, France in 1999 and on the right, was given to me by Gary Cannon

Shells and Mugs collected from various parts of the world and here in Australia.

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My Father's WW1 and 2 medals
Other Medals from my Army service
and the Queensland Naval Brigade

'Commonwealth Recognition Award for Senior Australians' awarded to me in 1999

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My father's battalion flash showing his
picture and a dedication from my son, Graeme.

"He still abides in the heart and memory of three living generations and is still seen as a symbol of what is right and good! "                     Graeme Williams 2001

Showing coins, pictures and uniforms worn by myself and my father over the years.
The ceiling was made up by my daughter, Debra.

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Rocks, shrapnel etc, collected in
Turkey and France in 1999

Photo album with pictures taken
by my father during WW1

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Toy cars, mostly copies of the various vehicles I have owned over my long life.
Other items are just a general collection of guns, trains etc.

Close up of flags from the USA, Turkey and Australia.

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   More items sent over from the USA

Seen on the left a map of the USA implanted with "Quarters (25 cents USA) sent over my my American friend Tom Devine, Look here for his details

Each USA State has its own symbolic coins.


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Panoramic view of entrance hall of Museum showing my various Unit Plaques and awards

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Latest showcase with recent additions

Flags from the U.S.A., Turkey and Australia

Memories of the Nasho Reunion in Queensland in 2001

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Books, books and more military history books given to me by fellow Nashos

Posters, certificates, photos from Huellen movies and other items collected from family records.

Army food packages and First Aid equipment

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More badges in relation to the Army and Australian Air League.

Australian Flag that I baptized at ANZAC Cove 25 April 1999

Paddington Bears, some bought and some given as gifts

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