Taken by Cpl Ivor Williams 21st Battalion (2nd Div) AIF      (1915 - 1919)

These photos were taken with a small Kodak folding camera that he carried in his pocket during the war and on occasions processed in the field..
Some of these photos are now on display in the Berlin Museum, Germany. Photos repaired and restored by his son, Hugh Williams

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Troops leaving Australia.  May 1915.

21st Battalion on parade, Heliopolis Camp. June 1915

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Last day in Camp, Heliopolis Camp. 27 August 1915

Smoko S.S. Ulysses. 8 May 1915

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The Quay, Marseilles, France. March 1916

The Camp, our home. Heliopolis Egypt. August 1915

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Trench digging, Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt. February 1916

H.M.T. "Southland" Torpedoed in Aegean Sea Sept 2nd 1915
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A few minutes after we were hit.

One of the first boats launched >>>>>>>

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The river 'Somme' near Peronne, France 1916.

View from second Supports. Ferme de Biez. Chappelle D'Armentierses. 15 August 1916

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Ruins of 'Clothhall', Ypres. June 1916

Near Armentieres. April 1918

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A Sunday afternoon at
Mrs Pratt's.
Rollestone Manor.(Wilis) Eng.
26 August 1917

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The Photographer, Cpl Ivor Williams relaxing in England and a portrait for the family.