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He says "I am not a hero. There are many other's who carry the name Hero, and well deserve it".

Tom is very ready to mention the 'Real heroes' in his mind. They were the 'Combat Medics' who attended the wounded Combat Soldiers!!      

In his first year he spent 3 years with the 11th Airborne Division at Ft Cambell Ky, and then Augsburg-Germany (1954-1957).
In Viet-nam, he started out as a Semi truck driver in the 1st Supply and Transportation Battalion. 1st Infantry Division at Dian S.Viet-nam. Delivering supplies to all the base's in his Division. Tom then asked for a transfer to the Infantry, this was done and he was assigned to the 2nd Bn 18th Infantry as a scout in the Reconnaissance Platoon. He started out as a gun jeep driver and later made Sergeant E-5 and scout car commander. While in Base camp they escorted convoys, set up ambush's and performed as perimeter guards.
When they went out on missions in the field, their job was the Recon Platoon. They would fly in first, secure the position and set up a perimeter around the landing zone, and stood guard until the rest of the Huey helicopter's brought in the rest of the Battalion. They would do the same thing when the battalion was extracted. While in the field, the Recon platoon would set up a perimeter around the Battalion Headquarters to protect the Commander and his staff. They would also act as a stand-by reactionary force to the other company's of the battalion.. Tom was in the 1st Infantry Division from December 30th   1965 to Dec 29th 1966.

On his second trip to Viet-nam he volunteered for the 11th Armoured Cavalry and was assigned to A Troop 1st Squadron, 11th ACR, as the unit Maintenance Sergeant. It was his job to  fix any problems that arose. Repairing and replacing power plants (Engine's) Transmissions, fixing radio's or any electronic problems they had.

They kept 17M-551 Sheridan tanks, 25 M-113A1 Acavs, 1 M-577 Command Tracks, 1 M-578 Recovery Vehicle and a few M-151A2 jeeps, 2 M-35A2 2 1/2 Ton Trucks and two M-37B1 3/4 ton trucks operational.

The Mechanic's were broken down to: Wheel & Track, Turret Mechanic's and (Commo Repairman). I believe that his was the worst job in the Unit. During a firefight, he would jump off of his Acav and proceed to any tank or Acav that was having Communication difficulties. You must have Communication to other Acav's and especially to the Commander during any movement. Sometimes The Commo Man had to return to his Track to get another radio, and lug this to the Vehicle that needed it. During resupply mission's it was the Maintenance section responsibility to receive all incoming and out going Supplies, including food and Ammo & having the Water trailer taken off the Hook of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and hooking up the empty one.
On one occasion I had the shock of my life!  I was standing on top of the water buffalo and the hook was swinging back and forth. I reached up and grabbed the hook and the static electricity knocked me for a loop. I thought that a mortar round had hit me.? Plus if a Acav (Track) hit a mine and was of no further value, we would strip off all the guns, radio's and other gear, and used blocks of C-4 on the Engine and Transmission and blew up the Acav. So that the VC could not use it . One time in the rear we got hold of a engineer Maintenance Vehicle equipped with an arc welder and made shields around the tank commander's hatch. (He sat in a open turret) this shield protected him from small arms fire.

All though he made several Helicopter flights in and out of hot and cold landing zones though out Viet-nam.
He said "What I did was what every other Infantryman and Tanker did. Nothing spectacular".

His Military Awards are

The Combat Infantry Badge.
The Expert Infantry Badge.
The Meritorious Service Medal.
The Army Commendation Medal with "V"Device
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The Purple Heart.
The Good Conduct Medal with Silver star (6thAward).
The National Defence Medal (2nd Award).


The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.
The Viet-nam Service Medal with Silver star(6 Battle's).
The RVN Cross of Gallantry with palm.
The RVN Campaign Medal w/bar.
The Army Meritorious Unit Citation.
The RVN Civic action Honour Medal Unit Citation.
He also has the Army Recruiters Badge, the Expert Rifle Badge, the Sharp Shooter (Pistol) Badge and The Driver/Mechanics Badge.

He still says
"So as you can see I'm just an
'Ordinary Soldier' who served his Nation in time of Crisis"
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