WEAPONS   (All Replicas, made of wood.)

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1. The 303 rifle is a replica, carved in wood by myself, no metal used. Made in September 2002.
2. Coin and Medallion collection from here (Australia) and abroad.

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The Australian flag above on the wall was baptised by myself on 25th April  1999 in the waters that once ran red with the blood of our young men at ANZAC COVE .

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A wooden carved 'Huey' chopper made by the people of Vietnam

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Some members of the Voluntary Defence Corps in North Queensland on weekend manoeuvres in 1943 were allowed to carry a lightweight piece of camouflaged pipe, with a barrel, a butt and a cocking handle. It was the desert and jungle proof, unstoppable, Australian-invented Owen submachine gun. Elsewhere in Australia, a few conscript militia units were also given access to Owen guns. Nowhere in Australia, or across the Torres Straits in New Guinea, were AIF units issued with it, until a quietly spoken, intensely patriotic manager of Lysaghts’ Port Kembla steel works, Vincent Wardell, took the case for the Owen gun to Prime Minister Curtin in Canberra. Since then, nowhere in Australia has a magazine dared to print this incredible inside story of wartime intrigue in high places, and the shameful and tragic treatment of an unassuming Australian inventive genius, Evelyn Ernest Owen of Wollongong. This story from Clive Morton is published in remembrance of Anzac Day, April 25.
Left is a replica Owen Gun, all wooden.

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