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The Famous Aussie Slouch Hat, now worn by both sexes.

Our modern Armed Services Head Gear.

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Caps and Helmets from all over including Germany, USSR, France and USA.
The United Nations Cap was sent to me by a serving UN soldier in East Timor,
Bombardier Paul Noyelles. The bugle was bought in a London market, May 1999

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1. Modern Army Camouflage Vest
2. Modern Army Shirt
3. My jacket of many badges.
4. Army Battle Jacket as worn by me during
National Service and CMF days 1952 to 1965.

5. New Army Camo Outfit
6.Army Officer's uniform made up with the
appropriate badges as worn by my father
at the end of World War Two.

7. Army Service Jacket as worn by me as WO2, School cadets, Brighton Tech in 1949.

8. Army Engineer's Uniform as worn by me during the early 50s.
9. Mess jacket used for formal functions.
10. Army World War One issue with badges and
corporal's rank as worn by my father. (1917)

11. Turkish jackets bought in Turkey in 1999.

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This is a uniform of a 2nd Lt. of the Royal Australian Engineers and
uniform of a WW2 Captain as worn by his Grand Father and Great Grand Father ..

Modelled here by  Steven Williams (My Grandson).

My Security Guards
in uniforms and equipment of 
World War 1 & 2 diggers.


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